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Terms of Use and Confidentiality policy

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The collection of the user’s identification data may be made via Internet (on the site proper), telephone or through printed forms. Such data will be automatically processed, pursuant to the terms approved by the National Commission for Data Protection. The collection of all data will comply with the most stringent security rules.

No entity external to Viagens Abreu S.A. has access to or can consult this data.

All employees of the entity responsible for processing personal data are bound by a duty of confidentiality in relation to the data they may have access to for the purposes of inputting data to the relevant computer database. They are duly informed of the importance of complying with this legal duty of confidentiality and will be held legally liable in the event of non-compliance.

The user agrees that Viagens Abreu S.A. may provide information to third parties on the habits, uses and customs of customers as a group, not including the identity or characteristics of any particular user.

All data collected through the registration with the website are wholly confidential and intended for the management of customers and services of Viagens Abreu S.A. as well as this company’s marketing campaigns. Hence, all the data provided through your registration are fully confidential and will be solely used to provide you with our latest news, to serve you the best way possible and to create offers that best fit your interests.